When deciding to purchase a thatch, there are some very important aspects to take into account. The following is a list of the specifications and standards that we uphold for each of our clients:

All our inside work is done with Cape Reed or �Sprei� Grass. The outer layer is thatched with normal "Highveld" grass, commonly known as the yellow thatching grass. We regard the quality of grass one of the most important aspects of the thatching process. Grass with reeds of 2 to 3mm thick are used. This ensures good compaction, density and prevents water penetrating the grass. A well compacted thatch ensures a good, dense thatch which will eventually ensure a longer life span. All grass used is winter cut, ensuring a good quality grass.

All our structures are built with SABS approved CCA treated poles. Our structures referring to thatches with vertical upright poles are concreted into the ground in a way to allow water seepage and drainage into the ground eliminating any rotting. The ground poles of all our standard thatches are mainly 150 - 175 mm in diameter to ensure a strong stable structure. Horizontal frame poles are between 100 - 125 mm in diameter and the main rafters are 75 -100 mm in diameter. The diameter of the poles increase as the span becomes wider. All our main supports on the structures are bolted together using mainly 10 mm nuts and bolts. All poles have anti-split plates at cut off ends. Structures are varnished.

Fiberglass ridging is used.

Workmanship on all our thatches is guaranteed for five years.


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