Common thatching grass, Yellow thatching grass or fine thatching grass are used for the 175 mm top-layer. Cape reed are used for your inner-layer. Grass must be cut in winter and be thoroughly dry. No mould or mouldy odour may be present.

Must be reasonably straight. They are bounded in bundles of 10. Required lengths are 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m and 4.5m.

All poles must be CCA treated. No excessive cracks or crookedness.

Fibreglass ridging is used on all our roofs.  Veselglas nokke word op al die grasdakke gebruik.

Polypropylene heavy-duty string or creosote-treated sisal twine must be used. Thatching twine must be tightly fastened.

3.15mm Wire is used.
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